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Need To Sell Your Mobile Home Fast?

Posted by Brad on January 8, 2020

Tips to Help Sell Your Mobile Home quickly.

If your home has been for sale for quite a while and you just aren’t getting the results you need, there is a reason why. Here are some tips that will give you a leg up on the local competition and may help you sell your mobile home faster.

Hire a Professional Sales Broker/Agent.

The sale of any mobile home can be filled with complexities and nuances that an experienced agent can help you navigate. Professional sales agents deal with these issues every day and will help you avoid these pitfalls while making the entire process flow more smoothly. Make sure you’re working with an agent who has done a lot of business in your particular area.

Detach Yourself from the Process… Think Like a Buyer.

Selling your mobile home can be an emotional process. You’ve likely made many memories in your home that will last a lifetime but, be careful not to let your emotional attachments get in the way of making sound selling decisions. Remember, buying a mobile home is also an emotional process. It’s often one of the biggest investments a person will make in their lifetime which understandably makes it an emotive event as well. “Am I getting a good deal… has this home been properly maintained… what are the neighbors and park management like?”

Handling these emotional concerns in an unbiased, professional manner is one of the main reasons sellers as well as buyers retain the services of a professional resale broker/agent.  An experienced agent has been here before several times, and they know how to finesse both sides of every transaction while removing complications that can kill a deal.  Experience has proven that sellers and buyers dealing with each other directly can lead to difficulties, personality conflicts and other issues, especially when items that you may feel are valuable and important mean absolutely nothing to the buyer and vice versa.

As a seller, take a step back and try to see your home as a potential buyer would. Imagine that you’re the buyer and do a walk-through of your home. Make a list of what you like about each room – as well as the things that you’d like to change then do what you can to make things visually appealing to a perspective buyer.

Make the Necessary Repairs.

The last thing a new homeowner wants is a to-do list. Having the home ready for move-in before it goes on the market makes it much more appealing to buyers. Most homes have at least a few repairs that need to be addressed. If you can afford it, do them now. That means replacing torn screens, repairing leaking evaporative coolers, touching up paint, replacing damaged awning columns or handrail, fixing leaky faucets and other cosmetic repairs, as well as cleaning up the landscaping. Any money you invest today can pay off when it comes time to show your home to potential buyers. It may help you sell your home faster and for more money. If you have obvious repairs that need to be done but don’t have the ability or funds to complete them, you will need to adjust the price accordingly. Remember, many potential buyers may be discouraged if they get the impression that the home has not been well maintained.

Remove Clutter if Possible.

Mess causes stress. whether it be in your closet, kitchen or bedroom, an excessive amount of stuff in your home can have a negative impact on a buyer’s ability to focus and process information. As a potential buyer is touring your home, they are typically trying to envision their stuff in your home. They are asking themselves “will it fit… will it look good… will I be comfortable here?” Clutter can mean the difference between cozy and cramped. Removing as much clutter and personal items as you can will make your home look and feel more spacious. Kitchen and bathroom counter tops are another area that many home sellers often overlook. The same disorder that might represent your daily routine can make the home seem messy, disorganized and uninviting to some buyers. The goal is to create a soothing space that allows buyers to visualize their own family and lifestyle in the home. If you are listing with a broker, be sure to have the home clean and uncluttered at the time of listing so that photos of your home used for marketing purposes will represent your home in the very best light.

Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale.

Aesthetics and first impressions are everything when you are trying to sell your mobile home.  The role the senses play in obtaining knowledge and making judgments cannot and should not be understated. When a potential customer walks through the front door, there should be a natural open flow to the floor plan.  If necessary, rearrange your furniture so that there is a clear view of the selling points.  Be sure that none of the rooms in your home seem to be overcrowded with furniture which will make home look smaller than it actually is.

Be Sure the Home is Clean.

Keeping your home clean while you’re trying to sell it is important to any sale. You never know when a perspective buyer will want to look at your home so, it is a good idea to try to keep it as clean and tidy as possible while it is listed for sale. You don’t want to have to scramble to get things straightened up at the last minute. At the time of listing and showing, it’s best if beds are made, dishes are washed and put away, floors are mopped and/or vacuumed, tile grout is clean, faucets and fixtures are polished, sinks are clean and windows are cleaned to the best of your ability.

You should also make sure there are no unusual smells inside the home. Smells we experience play a crucial role in how we associate with memories and places. Scent is the sense closest linked to memory. Unpleasant odors tend to drive people away while pleasurable fragrances have been shown to create “dwell-time” in stores, increasing the likelihood of customers making purchases. If a client detects cigarette smoke, animal urine/feces, odors from a trash can or garbage disposal or other odd smells, they will often lose interest in buying your home.

Improve Your Curb Appeal.

Your home’s front exterior is the first thing potential buyers will see when they drive by, or view your home’s photo that appears on our websites. You need to be certain that the exterior of your home will encourage potential buyers to want to see more.  If necessary and you have the means, hire a professional landscaper to get your yard in tip top shape. A little elbow grease goes a long way towards creating a greater perception of value and a positive first impression on prospective buyers.

Price Your Home Competitively.

Of course everyone wants to get as much as they can when they sell their home but, setting an unrealistic price on your home is self-sabotage and you may be better off not listing it for sale at all. In the internet age, information travels fast and you may only get 1 chance to make that first impression with those who are looking to buy when you need to sell.

What is your home worth? The truth is that your home is worth what buyers are willing to pay for it at any given time and no more. A good mobile home broker/agent will help you price the home correctly from the start. You’ll end up with a price that keeps you competitive but still shoots for a realistic top dollar. Nothing will attract more buyers quickly than pricing your home competitively and nothing will deter buyers more than overpricing. If the home is overpriced, in comparison to similar homes in the same area, it will likely be overlooked and will hurt your chances of a quick sale. Pricing your home competitively, can create a flurry of activity right out of the gate which may get some offers rolling in fast.

The experienced sales professionals at ABC Mobile Homes can analyze comparable sales of the homes in your area and help you come up with a fair asking price for your mobile home to help you sell it in a reasonable time frame.

Be Flexible with Showings and Let Your Agent Do Their Job.

When a potential buyer contacts a resale agent, they are typically ready to buy right now. While it is sometimes necessary to set restrictions on when your home can be shown, understand that not being flexible on this point can hurt your salability. If a potential buyer wants to see your home today… they’re going to contact the agent and set a time to see it as soon as possible. If your home is not available to be shown, a reputable agent will of course, find other homes for that buyer to look at. Making your home available as much as you possibly can because most prospective buyers will find another home within just a few days and forget about yours.

Yes, it can feel somewhat intrusive to have strangers walk through your home but, the best way to sell your home is to let a buyer inside (with the agent) to tour the home in peace and quiet without the buyers feeling any pressure. If possible, leave the home or step outside when the buyer and agent show up. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you and you have not been privy to previous discussions between the buyer and the sales agent with regard to the needs, desires and dislikes.

Once you home is listed for sale and a “for sale” sign is prominently displayed, you may occasionally have a person knock on your door wanting to see the home. This may be a potential buyer or just a curious neighbor. The best course of action is to explain that your home is listed for sale with a broker/agent and hand that person your agent’s card and suggest that they call them. Our agents will prequalify the person to avoid wasting your time by running curiosity seekers through your home.

As we mentioned earlier, the best advice is to avoid dealing directly with the potential buyers… one wrong word or step in the wrong direction could cost you a sale. You have employed an agent to handle the sale of your home. Simply give them all the help you can and then let them do their job to get it sold.

When You Get an Offer, Act Quickly.

Our best advice for sellers is not to put your home on the market until you are ready. Have a plan, know where you are going when the home does sell, and communicate with your agent early on and throughout the entire process. When someone purchases your home, they will likely be anxious to move in. You’ll need to communicate with your agent and keep them informed of your progress so they can keep the buyer apprised. Be prepared to do everything necessary to make your move out and the buyer’s move in as stress free and seamless as possible and never give your buyers any reason to regret purchasing your home.

Contact the Mobile Home Resale Professionals at ABC Mobile Homes in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Selling a mobile home can be a stressful and emotional experience. When you add pricing, marketing, showings, buyer and seller agreements, title transfers and other paperwork, packing, and moving on top of that, it’s a lot for anyone to deal with. Be sure you’re prepared before you start the process and let the mobile home specialists at ABC Mobile Homes alleviate most of the stress. We’ve been making the Las Vegas, Nevada mobile home buying and selling experience easy since 1988.

We will help you make the right decisions with regard to the condition and salability of your home and will work with you to determine the most competitive price and marketing strategy required to sell your home quickly. Give us a call at (702) 641-4444 when you’re ready to sell your mobile home.

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